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We build custom AI automations

Personalized AI integrations tailored to your unique business needs.
Harness the power of intelligent automation and propel your operations to the next level with our bespoke AI bots.

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Our Process

We believe in creating solutions that work seamlessly with your business.
That's why our process is built around understanding your unique needs, challenges and opportunities.


To create the perfect AI solution for you, we need to get to know your business first. We'll deep dive into your operational processes, identifying areas where our custom AI bots can provide the most value.

  • Initial Consultation: First contact with the client to understand their needs.
  • Business Analysis: Deep dive into the client's business processes.
  • Functional Study: Analyzing your business processes to map out the optimal ways our AI solutions can enhance efficiency and productivity.


Once we have a good grasp of your requirements, our team begins the design phase. We craft an AI bot tailored specifically to your needs, using advanced tech and conversational AI expertise to ensure a versatile and effective solution.

  • Solution Blueprint: Development of a tailored AI bot design.
  • Feedback Incorporation: Refinement of the design based on client input.
  • Finalizing Design: Approval of the final design before development starts.


In the development phase, we turn our design into reality. Your bot is built, tested, and refined to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems and platforms.

  • Bot Building: Creation of the bot based on the approved design.
  • Testing: Thorough testing of the bot in a simulated environment.
  • Refinement: Making necessary changes and improvements based on test results.

Deployment & Support

We don't just hand over the bot and disappear. Our team ensures smooth deployment of your AI bot and provides continuous support and upgrades, keeping it up-to-date and efficient.

  • Deployment: Integrating the bot with the client's systems and platforms.
  • Training: Guiding the client's team on how to interact and work with the bot.
  • Ongoing Support: Regular updates, troubleshooting, and improvements as needed.

Our Services

We craft custom AI bots, integrate them across platforms, and ensures smooth operation.
We're your one-stop-shop for intelligent automation.

Custom AI Bot Development

Building personalized AI solutions based on the unique needs of each client's business.

Voice-enabled Interactions

AI bots proficient in vocal input and response for a seamless, intuitive user experience.

AI Model Training

Training AI instances based on the client's specific needs and developing custom methodologies for AI model fine-tuning.

Custom NLP functions

Converting natural language user input into actionable data for smarter business decisions.

Multi-platform Integration

Ensuring that your AI bot operates seamlessly across various platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, and client websites.

AI Consulting

Providing expert guidance on the implementation of AI solutions in business, and advising on the best ways to utilize AI for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Products

Our products are intelligent, custom-built AI bots designed to seamlessly integrate and optimize your business processes, leveraging the power of GPT-4 and other AI models across multiple platforms.

Customer Service Bot

Streamlined, AI-powered customer care: Capable of parsing natural language, extracting key data, verifying reservations, and managing bookings, this bot stands as a high-efficiency alternative to conventional customer service.

Legal Aid Bot

Your AI legal aid: Utilizing local and current legal knowledge bases, this bot interfaces with clients, analyzes case details, and seamlessly transitions customers to your legal consultancy services.

Career Advisor Bot

AI for your career growth: This bot deciphers and refines your CV, offers career guidance, and helps craft customized letters of intent based on job requirements.

Brand Storyteller Bot

Your brand's AI voice: With a deep understanding of your brand and audience, this bot crafts engaging content across diverse platforms like Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn, keeping your brand current and connected.

Educational Advisor Bot

AI for academic navigation: Offering guidance on academic paths, courses, and institutions, this bot aids students in charting their educational journey.

Travel Advisor Bot

Your AI travel companion: Leveraging GPT-4's extensive travel knowledge, this bot delivers personalized travel advice, making it an invaluable ally for any traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers! Find out more about our process, products, and AI technology in our FAQs. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out.

Our AI solutions are versatile and customizable, serving a wide range of industries including legal, education, travel, customer service, and many others.

The timeline for developing a custom AI bot can vary based on complexity and specific client requirements. Typically, the process takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Yes. Our AI bots are built using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques, allowing them to understand and respond to user inputs in a natural, conversational manner.

Our AI bots are multilingual, and can be customized to support various languages as per your business requirements.

Yes, our AI bots are designed to integrate smoothly with a range of existing business systems and platforms.